Information security policy

Kreativna poslovna rješenja d.o.o. are a company that provides web design services, copywriting, audio production, event management, graphic design, PR services, web shop, internet portal management, marketing and video production.

Vision: Become a reliable and secure regional leader in providing marketing services by offering creative, strategic and innovative solutions that help clients achieve their set goal. Furthermore, with a creative and multimedia approach, ensure the best possible outcome of the agreed Tasks.

Mission: Raising awareness of information security of our employees and external associates, and monitoring and applying new trends to active and future projects – to preserve the integrity of information and a high level of protection of sensitive data. Information security is one of the most important factors which affect the quality and transparency of our services. Through the application of information security management systems, we wish to ensure the wholeness and integrity of all the information we dispose of and an undisturbed unfolding of all processes. In order to fulfil the needs and expectations of interested parties we have defined the following principles of our information security policy:


Clients and suppliers: 

● ensure the protection of information assets from all dangers – internal and external, as well as intentional and accidental

● continuously reduce risks in the field of information security and take control measures through risk management
● ensuring the availability of information when requested by external interested parties in

accordance with the Law on the Right to Access Information
● Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data in accordance with legal regulations and good
business practice

● continuous training of employees related to the rules of application of information security
● protection of personal information

State administration bodies:
● ensuring compliance with legal regulations and other requirements in the field of information security
● Ensuring business continuity in the event of adverse events in accordance with the Business Sustainability Plan

Leadership – Management:

● All incidents related to information security will be reported to the responsible persons and appropriate corrective actions will be taken.
● continuous improvement and maintenance of the information security management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard


Igor Mlinarić, director