Ready, set… PauzaGO!

Go go PauzaGo!, one of the most well-known services for online food ordering, has introduced its own delivery. Users will be delighted by the food of restaurants from which they have not had the opportunity to order so far, and the new service will be presented under the name PauzaGO

TaskCreate a billboard campaign, video and initial PauzaGo promotional materials. 

Goal: Communicate a new service of their own delivery and a larger offer of top-quality food and restaurants.

KPReasoning: Food delivery to order offers are not lacking in the 21st century, and bikes and blue-yellow colours are a normal occurrence on the road. How to differentiate yourself from the competition and how to gain the attention of existing and potential clients?

Idea: Create an image and likeness of a PauzaGo deliverer who will be the face of the campaign. Use this character to fool around, inform consumers and communicate offers, services and delivery.

The designer slowly began to piece together the blueprints. As a result, a superhero character who saves people from starvation super-fast was created. If you accidentally get a Deadpool vibe from him, we admit that he may even look like him a bit.

Photo shooting done ✓ Concept set ✓ Copies designed ✓ Visuals designed ✓

The campaign was ready to start.

Billboards & Citylights



We made multiple versions, but the client chose this one with an epic instrumental and a trailer voice. Classic.


Or rather a series of videos. After the script was confirmed, it took us a couple of days to shoot and capture the necessary footage, and in order to get a POV delivery man, we put the camera on the helmet, which was quite a fun challenge. Each video has a different ending, symbolically communicating the target group of Pauza delivery. The videos were put on video billboards, citylights… and on youtube.








Little by little and easily the word of PauzaGo got out.

from Paparazzi

tportal, 24sata, index, netokracija


Bam! An e-mail arrives from Pauza – they have signed a contract with McDonalds. So, it’s time for new materials

PauzaGo + McDonalds



Few days later News again! Looks like Pauza lured Umami too. We’re doing visuals and communicating a new Umami collaboration.

PauzaGo + Umami

Zagreb is not the only city where PauzaGO resides. The first stop after the capital was Split, and gradually the service expanded to other major epicentres of famine.

PauzaGo in Split


PauzaGo in Rijeka


PauzaGo in Pula

This is far from over and who knows what else awaits Pauza and KPR in the future but until then people – bon appetit..